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Hi to everyone.
My name is Jessica!

I'am the author of Bjorn. Bjorn is a daily updated blog about travel, inspirations, photographers, illustrators, food lovers and everyday moments from all over the world.

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Coming from two
different cultures has
been instrumental in
how we’ve approached
our design process.

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Esai LPDP Afirmasi

Para pendiri Republik ini adalah kaum terdidik yang tercerahkan, berintegritas. Mereka berkesempatan hidup nyaman tapi mereka pilih untuk berjuang. Mereka mengedepanan keteladanan yang menggerakkan. Hal inilah yang dibutuhkan bangsa Indonesia dewasa ini, anak-anak bangsa yang terdidik harus berdiri di garda terdepan untuk mengupayakan kemajuan bangsa. Indonesia dalam kurun waktu 2010 sampai 2035 akan mengalami bonus demografi, dimana kaum muda produktif adalah komposisi terbesar, dividen akan diperoleh jika pendidikan berhasil. Masa ini harus mampu dijadikan titik balik kebangkitan.


Aktivis energi matahari

“Aktivis itu energinya matahari, besar tapi sayang kekuatannya menyebar, tidak seperti energi laser yang kuat dan fokus.”, ucap Prof Laode dalam sambutannya di acara penutupan Pelatihan TOEFL bagi calon penerima beasiswa yang diselenggarakan oleh Yayasan Insancita Bangsa (YIB). Latihan yang berat itu adalah memfokuskan diri, sambung Prof. Laode.

Article, Science & Technology, Yayasan Insancita Bangsa

The hospital specifically for Hiv-Aids (Controversial topic)

The most affecting news story a few days ago was that one of provinces in Indonesia would build the HIV-AIDS hospital. Honestly this news directly made volunteers combating HIV-AIDS and Buddies (Volunteers who work to advocate HIV-AIDS Victims) was shocked. It becomes more difficult to achieve the goal of combating HIV-AIDS program especially in CST (Care and Support Treatment) for human living with HIV.


Accelerating the result of Indonesian education

Education is a long-term investment. The result is impossible to be acquired within a short time. As Confusius said, “If you want one year prosperity, grow seeds. If you want ten years prosperty, plant trees. If you want one hundred year prosperity, educate people”. What Confusius’s says has very strong implisit meaning. There is a hidden powerful effect of education. In the modern management education view, education is functiones to be technical-economic. The functionrefers to itcontribution to economy. Education guides the students to improve their knowledge and develop their skill, shape attitudes and good behaviour. All of this aspect is everything they need to lead their life and to compete in the competitive economy. So therefore, we could say that education is not only an instrument for the economic development, but also for economic growth.


Aafo Quiz: Jumping frog

(Aafo Quiz #2) Here you see a swamp with six frogs. You must exchange the positions of the brown and green frogs, using the following rules: A frog can only jump to an empty water lily. A frog can only jump over at most one other frog, that has another color. A frog can only jump forward (so the green frogs jump right and the brown frogs jump left)

Who owns the Kangaroo

Aafo Quiz: Who owns the Kangaroo?

(Aafo Quiz) There is a street in London with five houses in a row, each with front door of a different colour. In each house lives a man of a different nationality, with a different sort of pet. Each man has a favourite drink and a favourite brand of cigarretes, which are different from those of his neighbours. Some of the informationis given in the following 15 sentences, and this should be entered in the table below. The wuestion is: WHO OWNS THE KANGAROO?