[dropcap style=”flat”]T[/dropcap]he most affecting news story a few days ago was that one of provinces in Indonesia would build the HIV-AIDS hospital. Honestly this news directly made volunteers combating HIV-AIDS and Buddies (Volunteers who work to advocate HIV-AIDS Victims) was shocked. It becomes more difficult to achieve the goal of combating HIV-AIDS program especially in CST (Care and Support Treatment) for human living with HIV.

Saivol Virdaus

Stigma and discrimination will increase because of this plan. Our people have not been ready yet when they know their neighbor, family member or people around them are infected by HIV. Our societies have not understood well yet about it. They still believe in myth that the human living with HIV is the human having bad moral and think that the virus will infect easily. In this way our societies will know the status and the stigma and discrimination will increase in the middle of our society. Actually their status is protected by regulation of health minister number 21, 2013.

As the evidences that our societies has not comprehensively understood yet how HIV spreads to others, frightened to be infected is very high. Because they don’t understand that HIV just infects through three medias (blood, sperm and mother’s milk). They still consider that it can infect through wind, contact each other, living together and many others which just make them afraid and avoid somebody living with HIV.

Moreover our societies still consider that somebody infected by HIV is bad person and has bad moral because of free sex. In fact, many victims in HIV are housewife and children. They don’t know anything and never do anything in high risk, thus they are just the victims maybe from their husband.

The effects of discrimination towards a HIV-infected person are very dangerous. Sometimes they will feel depressed and will infect to others with unsafe sex. The worker who advocates them can’t control what they do, because actually in this situation they need support and care from others.

In my opinion this idea will be useless. I have the following suggestions are the first, it well be better if the money that will be used to fund the hospital to support the human living with HIV. The second is to build shelter building for them to easily get together and do some activities. The third is to educate our societies about what HIV is and how HIV infect. And the last is to subsidize antiretroviral virus (ARV) when the foreign funding in combating HIV program is not here anymore.

*Written by Saivol Virdaus