Life is learning. People says, “Learning and being educated , not only through school, but also through life lesson is something so incredibly important  and the more we go out in society”. That expression is not wrong, but learning have a context. Life’s learning is a thing that is not programmed. It is different from education.According to Indonesian dictionary, education is a programmed learning experience in the form of formal education. We quite often hear that people say they do not need education, while without attending school they cansucceed and even more than the others. How should we see education, and what is it really does not have strong impact.

Education is a long-term investment. The result is impossible to be acquired within a short time. As Confusius said, “If you want one year prosperity, grow seeds. If you want ten years prosperty, plant trees. If you want one hundred year prosperity, educate people”. What Confusius’s says has very strong implisit meaning. There is a hidden powerful effect of education. In the modern management education view, education is functiones to be technical-economic. The functionrefers to itcontribution to economy. Education guides the students to improve their knowledge and develop their skill, shape attitudes and good behaviour. All of this aspect is everything they need to lead their life and to compete in the competitive economy. So therefore, we could say that education is not only an instrument for the economic development, but also for economic growth.

The recent studies, shows that in this modern era, education has a significant correlation to people prosperity. In the United States in 1992, someone with the Doctoral education has revenue $ 55 million per year, Master $ 40 million, and bachelor $ 33 million. Meanwhile, people with high school backgorund only has average income for $ 19 per year.

The same thing happens in Indonesia. Let’s take the avarage income of rural and urban of Indonesian society. The university graduate is about Rp. 3.5 million per month. Diploma graduate around Rp. 3 million, high school graduate Rp. 1.9 million and elementary school graduate is only Rp. 1.1 million. This fact shows that how education can really changes a people life, even building a nation. The higher number of educated people, and higher the progress of the nation will be, and it is directly proportional to the number of residents. This study has been realized in this modern age. We can take a look at comparation between our country and Malaysia. “The number of Doctoral in specific field in Indonesia is only 98 persons. It is not as comparable as the total number of Indonesian residents. Compared to Malaysia, this country has 599 Doctor in avarage in the specific field”. And now let’s see the prosperity of both country.

Indonesian education today still has a large number of problems. Low quality, limited access to education, the teachers that are not distributed evenly, and the quality of the teachers. Various constraints of the education have made adverse effect now and in the future. Evenmore, Indonesia in the upcoming years will have demographical bonus. The illustration given by Anies Baswedan shows that 5,6 millions children attend elementary school, but only 2.3 million who graduate. What is missing is total 3.3 million per year, if it is allowed to stand for about 10 years, then it will be 33 million in total. We call it a demographical bonus, and itdangerous. “Big, young, uneducated”, said Anies Baswedan. This condition is very influential on the progress of the nation.

As we have stated above, we will feel the impact of education for about ten years next. At the same time, the global challenges become stronger and harder. Globalisation if not supported by the resiliency of a country will only become a problem. Education is the only key solution, but a big question arises. That is how to accelerate the results of education. Is there possibility or another solution? This is not a lucky situation for Indonesia.

There are several things to be addressed well to accelerate the result of education, ranging from technical education to practical education. But before comeing to it, we should see the big picture of our country, Indonesian people have to be the focus of our development. All this time, Indonesia only priorities to it natural resources, meanwhile we can run out of natural resources. We should change our priority to the human resources. This is the era of human capital. Investment on people will have impact.It is not too late, we should stay optimistic. Once we set our priority to the human, now it’s time for us to think about how to organize this big idea,how to transform the idea into implementation.

Education is not only about teacher, it is everyone’s responsibility. We should make a massive movement, and it should involve a very large number of human. And actually Indonesia has got the resource. The major composition of Indonesian population is young age and the character of youth is fast-moving, creative, innovative, active and energetic. Youth must become part of this movement. Indonesia Mengajar is one of best examplesof how to organize the youth to help fix the education in this country. “Indonesian mother’s womb still spawned fighters”, Anies Baswedan said. Yes that is true. We all can that see the spirit of Indonesian youth makes us proud. Investment on youth, involving them in the education movement is one of the keys to accelerate the result of Indonesian education.

*Written as a task in the writing class. Scholarship Training by Yayasan Insancita Bangsa.