Ayis Mukholik

[dropcap style=”flat”]S[/dropcap]tudying in Europe is one of my old dreams. I tried hard to learn English many years ago. I began to study it when I was in Islamic Boarding School. I used English and Arabic as a daily conversation. For about seven years, I talked to my friends bilingually, afraid of punishment given to those speak Indonesia.

Ayis Mukholik

The dream will come true. I got the information that Insan Bina Cita Foundation, managed by KAHMI hold the short course for a month in PPPPTK Bahasa. I got the information from Maritsa Nur Fitri, one of the participants. She gave me the connection to the committee. Then the committee called me by a telephone and interviewed many questions about my readiness to join the course. She believed that I have potential to increase my score. Previously, I just got 480 of my last Toefl score.

I came to the course in the third day at 10.00 a.m. all participants greeted me warmly. I was so nervous but I felt so glad to face the challenge in this one month. Here I was encouraged to master English like my friends do. I study more from them and get new experience. My chance to study abroad is open. I renew my aim to study there. I would like to take Islamic Studies department in University of Leiden in Netherland. Studying there is very exciting because it has graduated many Islamic scholars. One of graduates is my lecturer in IAIN Walisongo, Semarang. He inspired me to learn and observe the Islamic old manuscript, such as Koran San’a. This Koran is the oldest manuscript founded by Germany archeology at 1978 in Yaman. This discovery convinces me that Koran revelation is proof of God existence.

My simple reason to continue my study in Islamic Studies is continuing my educational subject before. I graduated from Islamic studies department in IAIN Walisongo, Semarang. Then, I continued taking master of religion and philosophy in UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta. I would like to take PhD in Islamic Studies in Leiden University.

My expectation of studying is being professional lecturer of Islamic studies. I will dedicate my knowledge to others. Being lecturer is my vision because I believe that teaching is the noble profession. So I can improve my insights by sharing knowledge with many students. My prophet said that teaching is kind of Jariyah charity. It means that sharing the knowledge to others sincerely causes getting God’s mercy in hereafter.

The points above are my reasons for being lecturer. Exactly, studying of Islamic studies in abroad can open my insight to see Islam from global perspective. Consequently, I know Islam is the important lesson to be studied from different culture.

*Written by Ayis Mukholik
Paricipant of Yayasan Insancita Bangsa Scholarship Training 2014