[dropcap style=”flat”]N[/dropcap]owadays, free sex phenomenon has rapidly increased in our society. Its trigger toward social problem. The number of abortion demand dramatically. While some people argue that the abortion should be legalized by the goverment. In our opinion, it should be banned because of two reasons.


First; abortion violates human right. Life is the basic right of every human being that is guaranteed by law number 39, 1990 article 9. It states that every person has right to live and to keep his/her life. Every action that causes the loss of human life is considered as criminal. Although fetus is the first phase of human growth, it is also a living creature. Hence, killing a fetus means killing a human being.

Second; abortion endangered mother’s health. Abortion s usually done by someone who are not expert in medical treatment procedures whereas mothers are in their weaknest condition. This puts mothers in a high risk situation where she can be die. In fact, during the last five years mortality rate because of abortion has increased rapidly.

As abortion is seen a violation of human right and having dangereous impact on mothers. It should not be legalized. By doing so, we have saved infants right to live and at the same time prevented mothers from death. Therefore, based on the above mentioned reasons. It is a clear that abortion brings more disadvantages that advantages.

*Compiled from four group in a writting class during YIB Scholarship Training